Friday, 20 November 2009

Is it wrong to look at the people around you and just see them as bits of material for your latest academic project that they're forcing you to do?

I've reduced people in my life to bits of creative fodder.

One person in particular.

Is that wrong? I know tonnes of people do it. Is it wrong to just use someone because their mind is a little bit more surreal than any other you've came across? It is wrong. It's like exploitation of our memories, and more to the point his.

It's horrible, but if I proceed, if I use them for what I'm writing at the moment, that means I'll finally have utter control on the situation. A writer is essentially a puppet master after all. I could make anything happen in that short story. Ha. Sick satisfaction of a control freak.

Then again, if I were to proceed it means I'd have to get to know them all over again. Start at the basics of everything, try and get inside their head and make a real character. My own thoughts and judgements can't cloud that.

Baiscally I can't write, "THEY ARE A COMPLETE ARSEHOLE!" as a character outline. Then again, I probably could.

It's wrong though, isn't it?

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