Thursday, 23 December 2010

Promise me no dead end streets

And I'll garuntee we'll have the road.

My last big adventure of 2010 was going to Leeds. Done my usual. Told few people I was buggering off, mentioned it fleetingly to el parento's, forgot I was actually going and then rolled up to meet Emma all shocked and unprepaired. I've been more places this year than I have in my whole life, and I only really went to London and Leeds. I think I mean something else though.

A knocked down dragged out fight
fat lips and open wounds
another wasted night
no one will take the fall.

When I'm in East Kilbride it's much like squabling with a lover you've been with for years. When I'm here I'm walking around with cotton wool in my ears, black eyes, fat lip. It tricks me into thinking I can't leave, and before I do leave I try ANYTHING to get out of it. If I could break my own leg I would. Then I go, and the world is large and people are interesting. Leeds men are particularly lovely. So that's why I leave a lot, when I can.

Recently though East Kilbride isn't the villian. There isn't a villian. There's just a town I live in and a world I have no idea about.

I think this has been the most unusual year I'll ever have (or want to have). In some ways it was the best in regards to sorting myself out, but obviously it was the worst for why I had to. So many wonderful experiences were had, so many awesome gigs, bit of a crap relationship but a lot of fun inbetween times. I couldn't appreicate it when it was happening to me, but now I'm loving the adventure I've been on this year.

I hope next year's a more positive one.

Where do we go from here and what did you do with the directions?
Promise me no dead end streets
and I'll garuntee we'll have the road.

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