Monday, 27 December 2010

Good bits of 2010

Green Day, June 2010. Photo by Eilidh Duff.
Green Day 2010, photo by Eilidh Duff
Mookymeet in London - July.
My Chemical Romance with Emma - November
My little bro. Ace 24/7.
After Pretty Reckless with Eilidh and Robyn. December.
The Pretty Reckless with Paige, Eilidh, Robyn.
My birthday night out here with two randoms in suits, Jenny, Denny, Chris, Greg and Sian
Getting drunk for reasons I can't remember with Gayle, Eilidh and Natzy. July
- Fiona's 18th with Jade, Tom, Mark, Imran, Pat and Mark. November.
Eilidhs Pirate Party with... a lot of people. March.
Paris 2010, January.
Leeds meet, September.
Pickles birthday, December. With Pickles and Emma.
My 'prom' with Natzy, Eilidh, Lauren, Catriona, Chris and Caitlin. May.
Natzy and I sharing "Kodak moment" when she came to cheer me up. November.
Unkown flat venture with my ladies. Febuary/March/April/May.
Natzys birthday party with Lauren. January.
The best party I've ever been to. May.

That time Eilidh bet up Mark. May/June.

Good bits that don't have photographic evidence:
April: AFI with Craig C. Where I drank risky amounts, chatted up a neo nazi's daughter and acted inappropriately about 99.9% of the time. I barely remember AFI but the night was good. It was very good.

The night after Lukes birthday party, July: Chris, Natzy and Craig came over, got steaming, had epic discussions about DBZ, X - Men, watched Wolverine, went on chat roulette and all passed out watching shit tv after getting a take away at stupid o'clock in the morning.

The time Mark trashed Craigs bathroom: August/September. Before Mark left Craig and Mark got stupidly drunk (I didn't since the fucker bought me cider) and we were in a Green Day mood. So we were beltin' out tracks from American Idiot. All three of us, just screaming in this shitty bedsit. It was great. When Mark left things were great too. Maybe even my favourite night ever? Crazy.

Evelyn, Evelyn, May: I had the beginnings of a throat infection which would later stop me going to prom but nevertheless, the gig was magnificent. Jason Webley was stranded in New York and Amanda was at the venue, so she hooked up the Mac and got all these people on stage to sort it out and they played their full set together. TOGETHER. When he was in fucking New York and she was in Glasgow. It was the most magical thing I'd ever seen.

Meeting Immy, July: Words can't describe how incredible and bizarre it was to have a friend from the net in my town, walking about the town centre with me. It was fucking crazy. Sadly for her though she had to interact with Craig. Even more sadly for her it was when me and him weren't talking, so it was pretty uncomfortable. She met Natzy though, and we like Natzy.

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