Saturday, 11 December 2010


What's the happy haps?
This blog has been neglected for almost a year it would seem. The posts I made in the past were morose ramblings of a very confused lady girl. I am as confused as ever, and I am still a lady girl (My sex change hasn't quite taken place yet) but I'm not the morose chap I once was.
Which is a bit of a pain in some respects because I came out with a lot poetic shit back in the day and now I can barely string a sentence together.

With that in mind I'm going to use the blog for personal and professional reasons. That is to say, my ramblings, rants and ideas can live here, along with my short stories, which will pop up every so often.

So what's new?
Everything. Everything is new and different and I am new and different. So much so I may even change my name to something shiny and spectacular. Like, erm. I don't know. But y'know the sentiment is there.

I'm 18 tomorrow. That'll be a hoot.
I suppose I have nothing good to say today - but I'm definetly going to give this blog thing a bash again. It'll clear up my tumblr as well, it will.

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