Friday, 14 May 2010

Reasons To Be Miserable.

Don't worry, this isn't a misery filled blog full of doom and angsty gloom. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's going to be so filled with love, it might even make you feel a wee bit sick because of it.

I am going to miss the forum. I am so overwhelmed with the niceness of the people there, especially in the aforementioned thread (I couldn't help but have a little lurk around the threads when I got home, I wanted to see if I was really gone, I am.) It's really wonderful that people have taken the time to speak to me, add me on things, and say such lovely things. It sounds silly, but I can't imagine how the next few months are going to be without that place. It's a new challenge though. And, as Magda said, it's not the end of my adventure just yet.

A nice thing is that not EVERYTHING that I've ever posted will be gone. So I can even be a bit creepy and lurk on myself haha. It's nice to have some evidence that I was actually there, y'know?

It's crazy. When I joined a year ago having a rant about my upcoming English exam I didn't have a clue how attached I would get to the place and the people. I've taken a lot for granted, and with the things happening now, I'm so lucky to know how blessed I was, and am.

In times where my faith in everything is being stripped away gradually, it is forever being built back up again by people. Friends, family, Mooky folk. Without them, I'm not sure how well I'd be doing right now. They all display incredible strength and support which is so admirable. I hope to be that great one day.

I fear this blog will stray even further from its intended use in the upcoming months, but hey. I love it.

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Linnet said...

Oh, dearie, we all miss you! I hope that one day, you'll be able to come back and we'll pounce on you. Amongst other things. By the way, has my letter arrived yet? xxx